Monday, January 19, 2015


Romance Author Promotes Her Romantic Erotica Novel Country Love

For Immediate Release

Romance and erotica author, Chelsea Dorsette is pleased to announce the promotion of her romantic erotica novel, Country Love.

CJ Tanner is the lead singer of an up and coming country band and standing over 6 feet tall with tight black jeans and his signature black cowboy hat, he draws attention every time he sets foot on stage. It was not until doing a radio station interview at Nashville, Tennessee’s top rated country music station WSIX when CJ meets Paden Thomas, the announcer who interviews him. During the course of the interview the sexual tension between them is palpable and just as Paden becomes saddened that the interview is coming to an end and she thinks she won’t see him again, CJ invites her to come watch his band play at Nashville’s popular downtown club called Cat’s Cradle. Almost immediately their relationship starts heating up but just as things start getting very sexy and passionate, a mysterious series of unexplainable and dangerous events start happening to both of them, leaving Paden suspicious that someone is trying to keep them apart. Feeling that their safety is in jeopardy, Paden tearfully has no other choice than to break up with CJ.  Yet just as that mystery is finally solved and they are back in each other’s arms again, another unexpected evil turn of events puts Paden once more in harm’s way with potentially devastating consequences had CJ not shown up just in the nick of time to rescue her.

Country Love is available in both print and ebook formats.

Book Details:
Country Love
By Chelsea Dorsette
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Published: April 2014
ISBN: 978-1497538320
Pages: 114
Genre: Romantic Erotica

Other books by Chelsea Dorsette that are available in print and ebook format include Legally Tied (ISBN: 978-1500234294) which was published in July 2014 and Private Lessons (ISBN: 978-1680580143) published January 2015. Dorsette has also published a few books that are only available in ebook format, these include Escape (published February 2013), Longing (published June 2013) and Match Point (published November 2013).

Thursday, January 15, 2015


In the next month, reviewers for Word Slinger will be reviewing and posting reviews for LEGALLY TIED. In addition, Book Buzz will be reviewing COUNTRY LOVE. I am exciting to be working with these two very talented publicity companies and I eagerly await the results of my partnership with them.

Friday, January 2, 2015


Review by Laura Greenwood...

"The characters in legally Tied were interesting and they didn't have any problems with the idea of a relationship, and in fact, had very few barriers to the whole concept. I say this is interesting because normally one (or both) of the parties have a problem with serious relationships and it was refreshing to read a book where both characters are ready for it.

I also liked the fact that the idea of children wasn't thought about as a consequence of an unwanted pregnancy, but rather just as an idea. Again, this is comparative to other books but I found it refreshing that this was the way in which the author chose to do it.

Part way through the book I was convinced about what the main drama of the book was going to be, though I very much got had! The drama was different from what I expected and that really kept me on my toes, which is definitely a challenge!"

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Thank you to Laura for such a nice review!

Thursday, January 1, 2015


When Denise Spencer, co-owner of a chiropractic practice in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado decides to take private ski lessons, she has no idea that her sexy instructor, Dustin Wells, is the same man she is flirting anonymously with on a dating website.  The moment she finds out that Dustin is the man behind the flirtatious and very naughty emails,  she decides to have a bit of fun before he figures out that she is the same salacious woman he’s been flirting with electronically. When she finally tips her hand and divulges to Dustin that she is one in the same woman, a steamy romance heats up immediately and Denise begins the most exciting sexual relationship of her life as Dustin introduces her to everything from a dom/sub relationship to threesomes and bondage. Just when she is starting to realize that Dustin is someone she wants a future with, an accident that only took seconds to happen, threatens to destroy everything they have built and causes her life to come crashing down all around her. Once again, Chelsea Dorsette keeps readers on the edge of their seat as they fall in love with her characters and stay riveted to her creative and refreshingly unique story lines.