Wednesday, September 10, 2014


LEGALLY TIED by Chelsea Dorsette=Fun, Sweet, Light but Deep, Naughty but Nice and Lovable Characters! I have been lucky enough to review a few of Chelsea Dorsette’s short books and I love the growth she has been going through as an author. It was really evident in this story. This was my fave of all her books and I think it is likely due to some exceptional characters. I really fell in love with Nick and Lyndsay and while there was most certainly was a dash of angst, her book wasn’t soaking in it. I smiled often, laughed a couple times and it made me blush a time or two. WINK!
            This is a great intro to the BDSM genre as it is approached in a fun way as opposed to intense and raw. Don’t get me wrong…things heat up and get intense between the hot couple, but you see a couple experimenting with each other as opposed to a hard core Dom/Sub relationship. Honestly, the sex was a bonus to this  book (a great bonus…lol!) but it was the love story that really captivated me. I just adored the couple. I wanted more!!!”

Reviewed by Rachel / The Reading Café / September 2024.

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