Saturday, November 2, 2013


Book Reviews for Chelsea Dorsette
1.      Wow, this book was hot, Hot, HOT!!! “Escape” is a collection of short stories based on vivid, erotic fantasies come to life. So descriptive and intense…really exciting to read. I loved how each story felt different and unique in its own right, not just the same boring routine/descriptions repeated over and over again. Chelsea Dorsette definitely has a great skill writing in this genre and I’d happily and eagerly read anything else she writes. Highly recommended for erotica romance fans. The stories are short and sexy and will get you going like no other!! (5 stars.)

2.      I’m sorry, but if “Escape” by Chelsea Dorsette doesn’t get you all turned on then you are dead inside! HA…so steamy and sensual, “Escape” is several short stories revolving around different characters and sexy scenarios (Limos, hotel rooms, etc…) It’s hard to pick a favorite because they were all so delicious but if I HAD to go with one it would probably be “The Limo.” My God, that was HOT. This novella is definitely a keeper on my iPad and my husband is a luckier man for it! So many sexy fantasies come to life in the perfect length to read in a sitting. Will leave you hungry for more. Must read for erotica lovers and totally worth more than 99 cents in my opinion. Such a steal!! (5 stars)

1.      I loved reading a different erotic novella by Chelsea Dorsette, so I eagerly read “Longing” which is a novella, but focuses on one complete longer story as oppose to several smaller ones. It was just as amazing as I hoped…and even more so. I Loved it! It takes place in New England, and  Tracy and Doug are sexy and addictive. I appreciated that there was actually a completing plot to balance out the steamy sex, and we the reader basically get to live out their sensual exploits in amazing detail. My only complaint about this book is that it had to end, but I know I’ll be re-reading in the future, along with anything else Chelsea Dorsette writes. Amazing. (5 stars).

2.      The first thing that happened when I finished reading “Longing” by Chelsea Dorsette was hat I immediately wanted to read it again! OMG these characters were so delicious and their sexiness just jumped right off the pages and into your lap (if you catch my drift, hehe). The writing is very good, which is something that is often lacking in erotic romance novels. They tend to focus just on the sex (often repetitive), but this book explores so much more, and the prose and dialogue is fresh and natural. Its like you are a fly on the wall to a couple’s most intimate, sexy moments, and I guarantee you’ll love every moment of it!! (5 stars).

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