Sunday, October 27, 2013


I just found out last week that my publisher and editor are ready to go to work on my third erotica romance novella called MATCHPOINT. Below is a synopsis!

"After the grief and sadness of losing her mother to cancer, Kelly musters up the courage to move from her home state of New Jersey to the warmer climate of Hilton Head, South Carolina. Leaving her lucrative real estate career behind, Kelly embarks upon her lifelong dream of being a full time mystery writer. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would meet, let alone fall in love with Patrick, her gorgeous and sexy tennis instructor. What starts as innocent flirting, quickly becomes the most erotic sexual relationship she has ever had. But just when things really start steaming up, two jealous and dangerous tennis club employees hatch a plot and implement a plan that breaks them apart. Saddened and thinking there’s no hope of getting Kelly back, an unexpected conversation with his neighbor gives Patrick information that will not only get revenge on the two employees, but will hopefully get Kelly back into his life and his bed again"

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