Sunday, October 13, 2013


As a new published author, I sometimes find it overwhelming  how much there is to learn in the publishing industry. This weekend I went to the Heart of Caroline Romance Writers seminar in which Bob Mayer, CEO of Cool Gus Publishing and long time author was the speaker. Although I learned may things from his presentation, there was one thing he said that stood out, as it relates to sometimes being overwhelmed with learning something new. Even as successful as he is as an author and how long he's been in the publishing industry, he said that when he goes to seminars or conventions, sometimes he wants to throw himself off a bridge. I took that to mean that sometimes you get so overwhelmed by the information that you are receiving, that it makes you feel  like what's the point? Of course the opposite is true. Sometimes you can walk away from these things feeling highly motivated and charged, which Bob expressed as well.  It's nice to know that someone who is highly successful in his craft, can sometimes feel like a slug, just like the rest of us do sometimes! Bottom line, keep pressing on!

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