Thursday, October 17, 2013


Greetings Chelsea,
Tina Patterson has submitted feedback for ESCAPE.
Rating 5 / 5
Content I entered reading this book with a very open mind. Since normally this is not my type of book to read. But with each word I was captivated. It was exhilarating how the author allowed you to feel the arousal of what was going on in each chapter. I also love the way how the characters were meeting and having their rendezvous and enjoying each other. This is truly a fantasy of which you can see how the author is writing an enjoying what they have put down into words. This is a book I truly would recommend to people who I know would read this and truly enjoy what they are reading. The wording in this book was truly explicit but I believe in order for the author to convey what is going on it did have to be very descriptive. It was very nice how she took you to each story and showed chance meetings between people whether in work or just everyday meetings. How many people have hidden inhibitions to do just what happened in many of the stories and how everythin g panned out in the end. I would have liked to see that perhaps in some of the stories that some of them had another meeting in a future time. But in all I would say that this is very well written and I have enjoyed it. One I had picked it up I really could stop reading this it was too much for me to put down so I just kept reading it cause it truly was a book that I enjoyed. I would definitely recommend this.
Would you buy this ebook? Yes
How much would you pay? 8.99

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