Thursday, December 19, 2013


Before I started writing my first novella "ESCAPE" which came out in February of 2013, I was grossy inadequate  and ignorant on how to maneurver around social media. The only thing that I was up to speed on was Facebook. As my books became published, my publisher Michelle Halket at Everheart books kindly suggested that I should get all over social media. Because I know I am not technically very sound, I shunned away from her advise with the firm belief that learning how to set up and navigate social media was going to go very wrong for me. However, at some point something changed and I opened up my mind and began to ask for help. I was blessed that I had some girlfriends who were each proficient in different social media. Health McCullum, published author of "Highland Heart" and other of white magic romantic adventures was kind enough to get me going on twitter. One other friend helped in designing my facebook page and finally I was now confident enough to start my own blog pretty much on my own.

I still don't profess to be the best at this and even still it doesn't come easy. But as I practice getting author pages set up with Goodreads, Library Thing, Manic Readers and other outlets that allow authors to be a part of their sites and I see my name all over a Google search, I am glad that I got out of my comfort zone, asked for help and had the courage to try something new.

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