Wednesday, April 16, 2014

COUNTRY LOVE being released 4/22/14!

I am excited to announce that my fourth novella entitled COUNTRY LOVE is coming out and available on all E-bookstores Aprill 22nd 2014. The story takes place in Nashville, Tennessee and is filled with lust, mystery and hot passion.

CJ Tanner is the lead singer of an up and coming country band and standing over 6 feet tall with tight black jeans and his signature black cowboy hat, he draws attention every time he sets foot on stage. It was not until doing a radio station interview at Nashville, Tennessee’s top rated country music station WSIX when CJ meets Paden Thomas, the announcer who interviews him. During the course of the interview the sexual tension between them is palpable and just as Paden becomes saddened that the interview is coming to an end and she thinks she won’t see him again, CJ invites her to come watch his band play at Nashville’s popular downtown club called Cat’s Cradle. Almost immediately their relationship starts heating up but just as things start getting very sexy and passionate, a mysterious series of unexplainable and dangerous events start happening to both of them, leaving Paden suspicious that someone is trying to keep them apart. Feeling that their safety is in jeopardy, Paden tearfully has no other choice than to break up with CJ.  Yet just as that mystery is finally solved and they are back in each others arms again, another unexpected evil turn of events puts Paden once more in harms way with potentially devastating consequences had CJ not shown up just in the nick of time to rescue her.

I hope you enjoy it! Coming next....LEGALLY TIED.

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