Tuesday, April 29, 2014


My fifth novella, entitled "Legally Tied" has just been accepted for publication by Limitless Publishing. Release date to be determined. Should be sometime this summer!

Chelsea Dorsette’s fifth novella, LEGALLY TIED, combines all of the elements that make this book hard to put down. When prosecuting attorney Nick Olson meets interior designer Lindsay Welch, both of their lives are turned upside down in ways they would never have imagined. Not long after Lyndsay is introduced to sex parties and erotic lingerie shops by her best friend, she finally submits to her sexual desires for Nick which she had been vehemently trying to deny since they met. While being breathlessly swept away by this handsome and powerful attorney, little did Lyndsay know that her life would soon be up ended by a senseless murder, violent kidnapping, a tragic death and a devastating break up. Unable to face any more grief, Lyndsay moves to the quiet little seaside town of Bristol, Rhode Island to get a fresh start. Just as things are starting to finally quiet down, an unexpected visit from someone in her past comes knocking at her door, changing the course of her life…forever.

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