Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Country Love by Chelsea Dorsette is quite the erotic drama romance. It of course had its steamy moments  but thankfully Dorsette had some meat in the plot. Country Love is based out of a city after my own heart, Nashville, TN. The Nashville night life scene and country music is well represented in this novel. Main character, Paden, is a strong young woman career driven who meets and is completely floored by the handsome singer, CJ. Their relationship goes from 0-60 flat, but with this booming relationship comes dangerous plots from people who wish to see the relationship doom. Dorsette sets the reader on a fast paced drama that with each turn of the page will have you wanting more. Dorsette proves that a novel can still be entertaining with drama and romance and not be encyclopedia long. I cannot wait to read another novel by Chelsea Dorsette: amazingly talented. - Bookplex May 2014

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